Kolkata Metro Station Advertising

    USPs :
  • Registers daily footfalls of 5,00,000+
  • Diverse Target Groups
  • No Spill-Over of Ads
  • Cost-Effective
The first Metro Rail Service of India was inaugurated in 1984 in Calcutta. What began as a small stretch of service area soon connected the northernmost part of the city limits to its southern counterpart. With time, Calcutta grew to become Kolkata, and the metro rail service connected the northern outskirts of the city to the southern suburbs. Today, the north-south corridor stands with 24 Metro Stations, each with its unique “name” and commuters. It is due to these unique commuters that Metro Rail Advertising in Kolkata has yielded such good results. Advertising is all about reaching the right target groups at the right time and enticing them with engaging content to buy your brand. And, Metro Stations in Kolkata presents ample opportunity to advertisers to do just that!

Why advertise in Metro Station ?


How does an Ad go live?

Post payment, our agents connect to review your creative designs, Book Ad spaces & confirm your campaign going live. You are intimated throughout the process.

Booking deadline?

You need to book your Ad at least 1 week prior to the campaign date. Premium spaces would require longer lead times.

Payment terms?

We require advance payments to initiate Ad processing. We accept Net Banking, Cards, Cheque & Cash options.

Campaign Tracking?

You receive images of your Ads at the start, during and at the end of the campaign.These images are also stamped with accurate dates & locations for verification accuracy.

Cost Factors?

Cost depends on: Type of media, location, Ad format, quantity,duration and print type.

Ad Creative Charges?

Designing of the Ad would be free but you will have to pay ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION CHARGES (depending on the Ad Type and quantity desired) once your campaign booking is confirmed.


We guarantee the lowest rates. But you can avail additional discounts depending on the volume of your ad buying. The more the volume, the lower are the ad rates.

Booking charges?

There are absolutely no booking charges but paying service tax of 14.5% on campaign cost is mandatory.

Designing Assistance?

Yes, we can design your Ad and for that we require you to share your logo , images(optional) and message that you want to convey to your target audience. We would develop the copy, design Ad and share it with you for approval before going LIVE.

Provide Own Design?

In case you want to provide your own design, kindly share a high resolution image in the dimensions mentioned against Ad types.

Designing Tips?

The imagery must be bold, clear and easy to understand. Use colours and pictures to contrast with the sky and other surroundings. Make sure that your design is readable from various distances, angles, lighting and weather conditions.

Multiple Message Delivery?

The “Less is More” rule applies here. You need to have a consistent ad creative to create a profound impression in the minds of the target audience. Too many ideas and Ad creative will only lead to poor results.

Kolkata Metro Rail serves a huge area with 24 stations. Soon more train stations will join this league with the rapidly progressing East-West corridor. Advertising in platforms and catchment areas of Kolkata Metro Station is always advantageous for advertisers. Not only each station enjoys robust footfalls but each has its own unique commuter profile. Profiling the commuters helps to target passengers easily.
The profiling of commuters is done on the basis of the infrastructure present around the Metro Stations. So we know for sure that showcasing electronics in Chandni Chowk will reap rich benefits as the station caters to the largest electronics market in Kolkata.

Advertising in Kolkata Metro with us will benefit you as
• Our experts have already profiled each station and can point out where your ads will catch your TGs.
• We offer a number of ad innovations to showcase your brands in Metro Station Platforms and Catchment Areas.
• Get the lowest rates for advertising in Kolkata Metro only with us.
• We have the easiest online ad booking process. You can book ads and make payment on our online portal.

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