Auto - Bangalore Advertising

    USPs :
  • High Visibility
  • Low-cost Advertising
  • Diverse Target Audiences
  • Repetitive Impressions
Auto-rickshaws are an important mode of transport in Bangalore. These sit 4 passengers and 1 driver comfortably and are a cheap yet comfortable mode of transportation. Auto services are a common sight in Bangalore and serve as a great way of advertising. As the autos cut across the heavy rush-hour traffic, they present a charming view of the ads attached to their back and side covers. SMB advertisers looking for cost-effective outdoor advertising technique have been using ads on autos for quite some time. It's time you followed suit too!

Advertising Option? Select preferred location, quantity & duration:

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Back panel advertisements are when ads are displayed at the back of public vehicles like buses, vans, etc. These are exclusive ad spaces providing eye level visibility for your brand.


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Hood stitching is when ads or art work are placed on the hood or the soft top of autos. These ads are placed through sunboard flex.


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Full auto branding takes place when the entire vehicle is branded in vinyl. Full branding provides maximum visibility and in case of autos it heightens the already increased exposure.


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Why advertise in Auto ?


How does an Ad go live?

Post payment, your ad creative is reviewed, and then it is printed & mounted on the requisite ad space. Once the campaign goes LIVE you will receive a notification.

Booking Deadline?

You need to book your Ad at least 1 week prior to the campaign date. Campaign start date and deadline may vary based on availability of Ad space.

Payment Terms?

We accept advance payment via Net Banking, Cards, Cheque & Cash .You can also avail part payment option if you campaign duration is more than 1 month.

Campaign Tracking?

You receive images of your Ads at the start, during and at the end of the campaign. These images are also stamped with accurate dates & locations for verification accuracy.

Cost Factors?

Cost depends on: Type of media, location, Ad format, quantity,duration and print type.

Printing & Mounting Charges?

Designing of the Ad would be free but you will have to pay ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION CHARGES (depending on the Ad Type and quantity desired) once your campaign booking is confirmed.


We guarantee the lowest rates. But you can avail additional discounts depending on the volume of your ad buying. The more the volume, the lower are the ad rates.

Processing charges?

There are absolutely no processing charges. You just pay for the Ad space and printing & mounting.

Designing Assistance?

Yes, we can design your Ad and for that we require you to share your logo , images(optional) and message that you want to convey to your target audience. We would develop the copy, design Ad and share it with you for approval before going LIVE.

Provide Own Design?

In case you want to provide your own design, kindly share a high resolution image in the dimensions mentioned against Ad types.

Designing Tips?

The imagery must be bold, clear and easy to understand. Use colours and pictures to contrast with the sky and other surroundings. Make sure that your design is readable from various distances, angles, lighting and weather conditions.

Multiple Message Delivery?

The “Less is More” rule applies here. You need to have a consistent ad creative to create a profound impression in the minds of the target audience. Too many ideas and Ad creative will only lead to poor results.

Autos are one of the smartest and cheapest ways to advertise in Bangalore. A poster on an auto back hood and sides goes a long way in keeping your ad message at the top of target audience’s mind. As autos move in high traffic zones your ads also get immense visibility. Auto-advertising being a low-cost affair gets you high returns. Moreover, you can micro-target your potential customers by choosing specific auto routes for advertising. This type of advertising is perfect for promoting a store, restaurant, salon, etc., in a particular area or the new shampoo, cold drink, shaving gel, etc. All in all, auto advertising can be used effectively by any advertisers to promote the brand and increase sales in a particular location or a city.

Auto-rickshaw Advertising with us benefits you in the following ways:

  • You can book ads in any number of autos in Bangalore.
  • Book your ads online on our ad booking portal from any corner of the world.
  • Make payment using our many online and offline payment modes.
  • Get expert advice in choosing the perfect auto route for reaching your target audience with your ad message.

You are also guaranteed to get the lowest ad rates for autos with our online presence across the Bangalore. We at releaseMyAd, believe in providing our clients the best ad rates and services. Our expert team guides you throughout your ad campaign with us. You can only expect the best services with the releaseMyAd team.