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Workplace Advertisement

    USPs :
  • Guaranteed Impressions
  • Geo & Micro Targeting
  • High Drive to the Web
  • Better Brand Recall
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Workplace advertising is a great way to ensure your ads are in a high footfall region. This is the only place where you are guaranteed a number of impressions during weekdays. These ads facilitate micro-targeting. Ads at workplaces target white collar employees and make an appeal to their purchasing decisions. To ensure better visibility these are placed at eye level which makes them hard to miss. Workplace ads include posters, pylons, pillar wraps, parking place ads, lift brandings, glass panels, etc. Companies may also supply office equipment like pens, pencils, file-holders, mouse-pads, cups, coasters at workplaces with their brands emblazoned to increase brand recognition and brand recall.

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The success of Workplace Advertising is based on the fact that it appeals to people who view the ads daily, as a routine. This leads to heightened brand recognition and retention. The line of sight positioning enables the ads to hold the attention of the office goers. Research has proved these workplace ads as among the most compelling advertisement types as these cater to the white collar workforce with a good purchasing power. Workplace advertising spells more success for certain financial, automobile and service sector ads as compared to others.

Advertise in Workplace / Corporate because

  • You reach the economically flexible class at their workplace to influence their personal and professional purchase decisions.
  • You can promote nearby establishments like restaurants, cafes, etc. here successfully.
  • Research reveals workplace ads effectively appeal in driving web visits.
  • Professionals spend an average of 8 hours daily in their workplaces, exposing them to the messaging on multiple occasions.

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