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Volvo Bus Advertisement

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  • Targets Upper Middle Class
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  • Multiple Ad Options
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Volvo, which became an independent company in 1968, is based out of Gothenburg. It is the world’s largest bus manufacturer with a fleet of heavy buses complete for passenger transportation. In India, it has set up its production facility in Bangalore with operation running in major metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. Volvos being a luxury bus have their tickets priced a little higher there by catering to middle class and upper middle class passengers.

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Volvo buses serve combination type customer belonging from upper middle to upper classes. In India, Volvos cater to regular passengers as well as travellers. They cover both inter and intra city travels. Volvos are considered to be luxury buses with highly comfortable seatings and controllable temperature. Ads on Volvos are big and broad formated created for high impact. Advertise on Volvos to :

  • Maximise on your brand’s exposure and gain mass attention.
  • Average ride in buses can last from 45 min to more than an hour depending on distance providing long exposure. 
  • The audience having nowhere to go are bound to notice internal brandings at least twice.
  • Get access to all the routes of buses and ascertain your audience by the route they use .
  • Display your brand exclusively on side/ back panels of buses to maximise and enhance visibility.

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