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State Bus Advertisement

    USPs :
  • Follows fixed route
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Exclusive Ad Space
  • Mass Attention
Advertise in :
State buses are of the oldest kind in any city.These are government run buses which target middle-class passengers.The tickets of these buses are priced very low attracting swarms of passengers. Moreover, these buses have a wide reach within the city and as well on the state roads. Its passengers include students, workers and numerous people hailing from middle to low-income backgrounds. Advertising in state buses expose your ads to a great degree and capture mass eyeballs.

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State buses make for a highly effective mode of advertising because of its fixed routes. They frequent their given routes a multiple numbers of times displaying the ads over and over again in the same areas. This maximises the ads’ visibility and strengthens their brand recall. Moreover, state buses have a wide reach as they connect passengers from far flung areas within the state.

Advertise on state buses because:

  • They have a high footfall and draw in passengers from various socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • State buses facilitate geographical targeting as they frequent the given routes.
  • These buses provide exclusive ad space for high impacts like back panels and side panels.

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