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The beauty and personal grooming industry in India has been growing at an annual rate of 20%. Previously salons would take more than a year to break even whereas now they do so in 4 months. This surge and success in the beauty industry is result of the high purchasing power. Up until few years ago salons were mostly female dominated whereas recently a flurry of unisex salons have sprung up which account for 35% of male footfalls. Right now is the perfect time to embrace the diversity presented in this industry in terms of gender and background.

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The beauty salon industry in India has been growing exponentially since the last couple of years. This recent surge has been a result of the high disposable income giving rise to the upwardly mobile class. Consumers are now driven aspirationally thus giving birth to the concept of personal grooming and beautification. In big metro cities regular salon visitors on an average spend 7,000-10,000 rupees per visit in mid to high end establishments. In small cities this market exists in the form of exclusive club salons to local parlours offering services suited to different budgets.

Advertise in Spas & Salons Because

  • Beauty salons & spas thrive on repeat customers. Strengthen your brand image by advertising to a repeat crowd that have an average monthly visit of 2-3 times.
  • Beauty salons range from female only to unisex. Exclusive club salons to local mid level parlours. Get access to different parlours and ascertain your audience by the type of establishment they visit.
  • Average time spent in parlours is 3-5 hours providing enough time to absorb and register the brand.
  • The rise of upwardly mobile consumers have driven the growth of international  brands in parlours. Associate yourself with top line brands by displaying your ads next to these products.

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