Retail Advertising

    USPs :
  • Registers massive Footfalls
  • High Visibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Instant Purchase Decisions

Retail advertising is all about arresting the attention of a consumer while near or in a retail outlet. This may include advertising in big brand retail stores like Spencer's or Big Bazar, or the local ‘kirana’ store in your neighbourhood. The popularity of retail advertising stems from the heavy footfalls these places enjoy. As marketers believe ‘seeing is buying’, these retail outlets provide ample visibility to your products via various innovations. Standees, Backlit, Danglers or a simple poster at the right spot in a retail outlet can shoot up your sales and make your brand more visible. Retail advertising is a powerful tool and when rightly designed and placed they can compel consumers to sought them out for buying.

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  • Bookstores are one of the places to harness target audiences with apt advertising. Bookstores attract a variety of people depending upon their choice of books and the books stocked in the store. As an advertiser, you can use this segregated lot completely for your advantages. With releaseMyAd, now you can advertise in top bookstore chains like Crossword and others throughout the nation.
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  • Departmental Stores are huge retail outlets, where categories of products are sorted accordingly in various departments. Fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, FMCG products, garments, etc. all get a separate department here. These are vastly different from traditional “Kirana” stores of India and allow consumers mobility inside the store and options of touching and feeling the products before deciding to buy them. With time, departmental stores have shaped into retail chains like Big Bazaar, Spencer's, etc. in India. These are a very popular shopping destination for the middle-income groups. Advertisements in departmental stores can boost your sales to a large extent. With their huge retail areas and considerable dwell time of consumers coupled with bottlenecks in consumer flow, ensures your ads here get the desired impressions.
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  • Traditionally, a grocery store sold food items. In India, however, the changing economy has led the grocery stores to stock up other essential daily needs items like soaps, detergents, shampoos, etc. A touch and buy grocery store allows customers to choose from a variety of items and brands. Advertisements placed in Grocery Stores sure make their mark. This is because choosing the items and billing consumes approximately more than an hour which provides enough time for the ads placed inside the store to get added visibility.

Retail advertising is more successful in boosting your sales than any other form of advertising. This is because of what the marketers have named Problem Recognition Response in the consumer’s brain. When your product is advertised in a retail outlet and it is readily available for sale, the consumer wonders about its future need and in an impulse buys it. This is most prominent in big brand retail stores with their large display options. Yet the local stores are not quite far behind in setting the Problem Recognition Response.
Studies suggest promoting your brands through retail advertising increase your sales more than 28%. When you couple this human nature with showing your ads to your target groups, you are bound never to lose!

Advertise in Retail Outlets because

  • A strong purpose of visit combined with point of purchase advertising boosts sales by 28%.
  • An average visitor to a retail outlet spends about 30 to 60 mins within the store.
  • Display your brand through a variety of innovations available for retail, like storefront advertising, kiosks, displays, sampling etc.
  • Get access to different retail stores and target by location and audience type.

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