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Restaurant advertising in India has taken a popular turn in the last few years or so. With the different types of restaurants available like Quick Service Restaurant, fine dining, family dining, lounges or pubs, etc, the advertising matter has also seen innovative developments. Approximate dwell time in restaurants is 45 minutes or above which increases the frequency of the ad views thus strengthening its recall value. With an estimated 100,000 modern restaurants (i.e. 20 or more seats with wait staff and menu) in India, almost a significant of them follow some form of advertising.

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  • Quick Service Restaurants or Fast Food joints of India have been always very popular. But it is the advent of global giants like McDonal's and KFC that changed the way people looked at them. These restaurants have become extremely popular with the youngsters who are always on the go. Over the years, even Indian players like Haldiram’s, Baskins - Robbins, Monginis, etc. have made huge strides in this segment. The Indian QSR Market is on the rise and has been spreading into the Tier II and Tier III cities now. As per the industry sources, this market has been growing at a very high pace of 25%.

Restaurants are a place where people of all age groups visit. However, the age groups are demarcated by the types of restaurants. For example, a quick service restaurant like Subway will mostly get customers in the age group of 18- 30 years, while a fine dining restaurant will get combination type customers like young adults, families and senior citizens. Thus segmentation of target audience can beautifully take place in a restaurant. Ideally, restaurant visitors are people with an inclination towards social life with a good amount of disposable income combined with the urge to spend.
Depending on the type of restaurant, multiple numbers of ad innovations are possible ranging across coasters, danglers, pillow branding, saucer tags, table mats, cup/ glass tags, floor stickers, etc.

There is also scope for digital advertising in restaurants which has become increasingly popular.We can suggest you digital media outlets at various locations like colleges,corporate buildings etc.This would help you reach the exact target audience set in the most effective way.Advertise in restaurants with us because

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