Residential Apartment Advertising

    USPs :
  • High Viewership
  • Audience Specific Targeting
  • Strong Brand Recall
  • Geographical Targeting

Residential apartments form a very important aspect of point of interest advertising.In India housing varies from palaces to modern apartment buildings to tiny huts in far villages but in the last decade or so modern housing has been on the rise in India. As incomes have risen so has the lifestyle and so has the living structure. With this new and reformed lifestyle, advertisement innovations have also formed around them making residential apartments a very lucrative platform for point of interest advertising.

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Residential apartments provide a specific target group that is more or less similar in their socio-economic background making it an excellent platform to target a specific category of the audience on a large scale. Moreover being location specific point of interest advertising drives home the need for your product. Like in the case of residential complexes, POI advertising effectively helps boost the sales of home essential products.

Advertise in residential complexes because

  • Ads in residential complexes are usually placed in the lobbies which sees hoards of people leaving and coming throughout the day thus accounting for high viewership of the ads.
  • People living in residential complexes more or less share the same economic background enabling advertiser to target specifically on a large scale.
  • Apart from external guests, residents of complexes remain the same throughout years. Advertising to these faces on a regular basis creates strong recall for your brand.
  • By targeting a residential complex in a specific location you are reaching out to a huge audience sharing similar traits of the particular region.

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