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  • Young & Receptive Target Audience
  • Uninterrupted “Dwell” Time
  • Metros, Tier II & Tier III cities
  • Engaging Ad Types
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Quick Service Restaurants or Fast Food joints of India have been always very popular. But it is the advent of global giants like McDonal's and KFC that changed the way people looked at them. These restaurants have become extremely popular with the youngsters who are always on the go. Over the years, even Indian players like Haldiram’s, Baskins - Robbins, Monginis, etc. have made huge strides in this segment. The Indian QSR Market is on the rise and has been spreading into the Tier II and Tier III cities now. As per the industry sources, this market has been growing at a very high pace of 25%.

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Advertisements in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) can change the way people perceive your brand.
A Quick Service Restaurant is typically a moderately sized store with lots of food options at one end. The rest of the area is either left bare or has comfortable sitting arrangements. Mostly, frequented by the younger generation, these QSRs provide excellent advertising opportunities.

Advertise in QSRs because

  • The average time spent in a Fast Food Chain is over 30 min. And, the actual wait for the food here is more than the time spent eating. Thus, the visitor has enough time to absorb your ad content.
  • Most QSRs lack proper dining utensils and thus use disposable cups, plates, forks, spoons and napkins. These can serve as an excellent advertising medium for any brand.
  • The whole QSR experience allows advertisers to take advantage of the ambience media advertising. A QSR offers an exceptional number of advertising options like standees, danglers, etc. that catch the attention of visitors easily.
  • Most QSRs have a particular following. The Patrons of Smokin’ Joe’s, Domino’s, and Haldiram’s are as different as chalk and cheese. Advertisers can easily segment them into socio-economic categories before beginning their ad campaigns.

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