Metro Train Advertising

    USPs :
  • High Footfall
  • Specific Target Groups
  • No spill-over ads
  • Cost Effective

Metros in India make for an effective platform to reach out to students and working professionals who make up more than 60% of the subway population. It is an unique mode of transport to reach the out of home market in metropolitan cities with various forms of interior branding. Metro commutes are crisp and the audience, captive. Short and easy to remember advertisements thus facilitate top of mind registering in metros.

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Chennai Metro Train

Chennai is the 4th largest metropolitan of India. And, Chennai Metro Train is the ritziest mode of transport to have arrived here. The .... ....

Delhi Metro Train

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Gurgaon Metro Train

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Kolkata Metro Train

Kolkata Metro is the first metro rail service of India. It is growing at a steady pace carrying 5,00,000+ passengers daily across the c .... ....

Mumbai Metro Train

Mumbai metro started functioning in the year 2014, serving the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is one of the most economically develop .... ....


Metros have high footfalls with over 5 lac passengers changing metros nationally making it the perfect platform to grab massive eyeballs. Advertisements in metros tend to have high impressions because the audience being captive in nature are more receptive to the underlying message of the ads. Advertise to the busy section of the society while they are on their way to work or learn in the few precious minutes of a metro ride, when they are most alert.

Advertise in metros because:

  • Reach out to over an average of 10 lakh commuters changing metros nationally everyday.
  • Reach a large pool of workers and students (making over 60% of the subway population) by advertising in metro stations.
  • Get access to different metro stations and maximise your ROI by targeting specific stations only and reaching potential quality leads.
  • Average waiting time of 5-6 minutes facilitates easy registering of ads when displayed in short and easy to remember formats.

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