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Metro Stations are the swanky transits for the intra-city commuter looking for a quick and traffic-free journey. These are like any other transit point with massive footfalls. However, all stations do not register the ‘same type of footfalls’. While some stations have more office goers others have more students or homemakers. These differences make each of these stations ‘unique’ advertising platforms to reach out to their target audiences. And, as advertisements are all about reaching your intended audiences, profiling the commuters on a particular platform lends an edge to your metro station advertising. For a successful ad campaign, it is vital that the ad message arrests the TGs’ attention. With releaseMyAd design team you are bound to get the most attractive metro station ads.

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Delhi Metro Station

Delhi Metro is the world's 12th largest metro system in terms of both length and number of stations. The Delhi Metro is a metro system .... ....

Noida Metro Station

NOIDA has become the first National Capital Region (NCR) city to be connected to the Metro network which now extends to almost 90kms an .... ....

Gurgaon Metro Station

Gurgaon is an IT hub in the Delhi/NCR and a large number of people travel to and from the city every day for work. To provide hassle-fr .... ....

Kolkata Metro Station

The first Metro Rail Service of India was inaugurated in 1984 in Calcutta. What began as a small stretch of service area soon connected .... ....

Mumbai Metro Station

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is the heart of commercial and trade activities in the country. 11 million people travel daily .... ....


Studies suggest Indian Metros are used by more than 10 lakh commuters daily. This means a huge chunk of the population convenes on the stations at specified times. Advertising to this huge crowd certainly has merits for your brand. Based on demographics and catchment area details, any advertiser can use Metro Station advertising for his profit. For successful Metro Station Ads, you first need to profile your commuters and the infrastructure present round and about the station. For example, a station with a school or college nearby is bound to attract more youngsters and stations near office blocks, office-goers. This segmentation of your TGs is bound to lower costs leading to more cost-effective advertising and less spillover of ads.

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