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With air-conditioned shopping areas, brands, food and entertainment all under one roof Shopping Malls have become the latest fad in India enjoying robust footfalls. A hangout zone for youngsters and upwardly mobile Indians, Malls have a variety of offering to choose from. Movies, Gaming Parlours, Spas & Salons altogether increase the dwell time of patrons in the malls. Advertisements have become the need of the day for retailers to catch buyers in the sea of window shoppers. Advertising in malls mainly draws on the sheer number of footfalls that these joints enjoy. From creating a “need”, to emotionally engage consumers to buy, the right mall advertising can achieve it all; driving up your sales and painting a positive brand image for you.

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Advertising in Shopping Malls is a sure way to boost your brand image and increase sales. This is because an Average Indian walks into a mall to enjoy some leisure time and often has a lot of dwell time in hand. As consumers, TGs get everything under one roof that saves their precious ‘time’ and any advertisement that saves more of their ‘time’ and hard-earned ‘money’ is bound to grab eyeballs. These positive emotions make TGs more receptive towards the advertising message that stands out and let people try out something new.

When you advertise in Shopping Malls with us you get the following benefits:
• Our ad booking process is easy and can be completed online.
• You can use online / offline payment modes to pay us.
• Book ads in 200+ malls across India from the comfort of your home or office with us.
• Our media planning team is sure to point out which mall caters to your TGs.

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