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The healthcare advertising space includes pharmacies, hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics et al. Healthcare is a sensitive advertising space and calls for products that are relevant and generally pertain to the healthcare industry. The footfall varies from establishment to establishment in the healthcare space. For example, while a hospital may record mass footfall a clinic will have a fraction of that. However, the target audience for advertisers in the healthcare industry will more or less be the same. This audience mainly consist of people looking for short term and long term solutions to their illnesses as such they share the emotional characteristic of urgency.

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  • Pharmacies are a type of necessity stores that are found in every neighbourhood in good numbers. Not only are they visited for the purpose of medicinal purchases but also for the purchase of toiletries and several necessary items that need monthly replenishments. Pharmacies do not have a specific audience type and attract crowds from diverse backgrounds. However, the commonality among people visiting pharmacies is their need for a particular product which will most likely be found there. As such pharmacies make excellent platforms for point of purchase advertising. By enabling ads of relevant products, pharmacies have the ability to boost their sales by multiple folds.

Healthcare advertising space includes pharmacies, hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics, etc, each having there own size of footfall. The target audience for advertisers in the healthcare industry come from diverse backgrounds but they all share the common trait of urgency make health care an effective platform for need based advertising.

  • Healthcare industry has a serious and no nonsense atmosphere attaching credibility to ads displayed in that environment.
  • Healthcare industry is a good platform for advertisers hailing particularly from the fields of fitness, drugs, medical start-ups, etc.
  • Patients & their relatives generally look for instant solutions making the medical industry the perfect platform to tap their needs and take the ads seriously.
  • Advertise and enhance your visibility through innovative ad options suitable for healthcare centres like displays, glass panel advertising, turrets, kiosks, etc.