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Gyms are a part of a regular lifestyle for the fitness conscious individual. Men, women and youngsters hit the gym to stay fit and on an average day a Gym in India records over 150 footfalls. Gyms serve as an excellent advertising stage to mount an assault on the sense of fitness conscious, high energy local consumers. As a specific demography is targeted via gym advertising, it has a high success ratio. Advertisements in gym mostly pertain to the lifestyle, healthcare and local products and services as this gels with the psyche of the gym-goers. With the average time spent in a gym exceeding an hour, gyms are a great place to entice your target audiences.

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Advertising in gyms is one of the best ways to target specific groups of fitness conscious individuals of all ages and sexes. Individuals generally hit the gym after a “health scare” or when they are fitness conscious or aiming at a toned figure. Thus, the psyche in a gym is all about attaining a better life and any advertisement that resonates with this insecurity converting it into a positive emotion will be quite successful here. Mostly, healthcare and lifestyle products make a mark in gym advertising but hyper-local services and products can also generate a buzz through advertising in gyms.

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