Golf Course Advertising

    USPs :
  • No Ad Clutter
  • Affluent Target groups
  • Male-dominated
  • Advertise to regular faces

Golf Courses are exclusive locations ripe for advertising to a select affluent crowd. Mostly men in their early 30s begin their romance with Golf. This provides advertisers with ample opportunities to showcase their high-end lifestyle and luxury products to target consumers with strong purchasing power. Advertising on a Golf course offers several hard-to-miss options like scorecards, cups, shoe cleaning stations, carts etc. Display ads in various forms attract golfers and spectators alike. While in-cup ads are hard to miss for the players, normal display ads in the form of posters and flags entice spectators and score cards are for all. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to target golfers or spectators, Golf Course advertising offers plenty of prospects for both.

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Golf Course Advertising is one of the best ways to reach a specific target group. It is a ripe ground to tap the affluent Indian with various luxury and lifestyle products. Golf is an exclusive game and golf enthusiasts have a high purchasing power. Also, as the game requires high levels of concentration, most golf courses are reluctant to allow too many distractions in the form of advertisements. Thus, in most cases when you invest in Golf Course advertising, your ads need not jostle for attention.
In most cases, they are the sole advertisements in the fields. Golf advertising offers a lot of innovations too. You can advertise in different hard-to-miss advertising spots like scorecards, cups, shoe cleaning stations, carts, pro shops, etc.

Advertise in Golf Courses because
•   Golf Courses provide unique advertising platform that entices golfers and spectators alike.
•    You can target specific social and income groups by advertising in Golf Courses.
•    Reach out to India’s affluent classes on a personal & professional level.
•   At Golf Courses, you target regular faces letting your brand bond with them.

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