Entertainment and Recreation Advertising

    USPs :
  • High Footfall
  • Low Ad Avoidance
  • Exclusive Ad Space
  • High Recall Value

Entertainment and Recreational areas are one of the best places to advertise. This is because these areas record high footfalls. While clubs have regular patrons, amusement parks, water parks, zoos, theme parks and museums guarantee a huge number of visitors during vacations and holidays. Stadiums are again a hotspot for crowds during matches, when advertisers are sure to find impression. Advertisements in these recreational and entertainment locations help to improve your brand recognition by the sheer number of footfalls they record. Also, associating your brand with these areas, attach happy emotions to your brand which increases brand recognition, in the long run. These recreational facilities also provide more chances for interactive advertisements with their numerous advertising options like kiosks and samplings.

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  • Golf Courses are exclusive locations ripe for advertising to a select affluent crowd. Mostly men in their early 30s begin their romance with Golf. This provides advertisers with ample opportunities to showcase their high-end lifestyle and luxury products to target consumers with strong purchasing power. Advertising on a Golf course offers several hard-to-miss options like scorecards, cups, shoe cleaning stations, carts etc. Display ads in various forms attract golfers and spectators alike. While in-cup ads are hard to miss for the players, normal display ads in the form of posters and flags entice spectators and score cards are for all. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to target golfers or spectators, Golf Course advertising offers plenty of prospects for both.

Advertisements in recreational and entertainment facilities do not just bring huge impressions for your brand but makes sure visitors see you in a positive light. This happens because people are in a good mood in these facilities enjoying with near and dear ones, and this festive and fun mood makes sure to paint a rosy picture for them. Also, the average dwell time in any entertainment and recreational facility is more than 3 hours. This coupled with the bottlenecks in visitor flows provides ideal grounds for advertisements.
Advertisements in these fun-filled memorable locations can be as varied as their visitors. The advertising innovations possible in these huge spread-out locations are immense. But recreational facilities can also be the perfect place for interactive ads. Time in hand and good mood complements to appeal of the engaging ads and facilitates better brand perception, and brand recognition for the future.

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