Bus Advertising

    USPs :
  • Target By Location
  • High Frequency
  • Demographic Friendly Targeting
  • Invasive Medium & Involuntary Consumption

Buses make for an amazing platform to put your ads on. They are always on the move covering multiple routes grabbing mass eyeballs daily. Not only are buses good for external branding but for internal branding as well. Ads displayed on the outside are big and bold making it visually enhancing and attractive to the audience outside, while on the inside ads displayed have enough time to get absorbed by the passengers given the 45 minutes average commute time.

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  • The Intra-City Buses run on fixed routes within the city limits. They are a cheap mode of transportation within a city for all classes of the society to reach their daily destinations. These buses travel across various highly populated regions of city such as market places, railway stations, etc providing great visibility to ads placed on the outside of buses. Advertisements in intra-city buses serve to provide your ad messages better brand recall due to the repeat impressions they get. Outside-bus ads like bus wraps entice the attention of other commuters on the city roads as moving billboards.
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  • Feeder Buses carry passengers across highly congested traffic routes, to and fro from one high footfall location to another. Mostly, they pick passengers for metro stations, railway stations, airports etc from various parts of the city. These serve as very good advertising platforms as they move in high footfall areas increasing the visibility of your ads.
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  • State buses are of the oldest kind in any city.These are government run buses which target middle-class passengers.The tickets of these buses are priced very low attracting swarms of passengers. Moreover, these buses have a wide reach within the city and as well on the state roads. Its passengers include students, workers and numerous people hailing from middle to low-income backgrounds. Advertising in state buses expose your ads to a great degree and capture mass eyeballs.
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  • India attracts tourists from all over the world and one of the best ways to travel as tourists in India is by Tourist Buses. As these tourist buses travel on various routes, they serve as moving billboards drawing impressions wherever they go. Also, the long journey of the tourist buses allows your in-bus ads to make quite an impact on the captive audiences.
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  • Volvo, which became an independent company in 1968, is based out of Gothenburg. It is the world’s largest bus manufacturer with a fleet of heavy buses complete for passenger transportation. In India, it has set up its production facility in Bangalore with operation running in major metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. Volvos being a luxury bus have their tickets priced a little higher there by catering to middle class and upper middle class passengers.

Buses are among the most used public transports. An average of 15 to 30 lakh passengers travel by buses in every city on a daily basis. Advertising in buses help reach a large pool of audience everyday. The big and broad format ads grab eyeballs and facilitates top of mind registering while internal branding assists with absorption of the ad’s message.

Advertise in buses because

  • Get access to the different routes covered by public vehicles and advertise by mapping your location.
  • Public transports are like moving billboards covering selected routes multiple number of times increasing the ad frequency and reaching more audience.
  • Transit advertisements facilitate involuntary consumption unlike radio or TV . 98% of in car passengers have reported yes to noticing truck/bus side ads.

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