Airline Advertising

    USPs :
  • Captive Audience
  • Targets the Middle-Class & Affluent
  • Cost-Effective
  • Hard-to-Miss Ad Spaces

Airlines in India are known to carry passenger of affluent and upper-middle-class backgrounds. The average airtime travel in India is a little more than 90 minutes. In this one and a half hours, airlines passengers can be impressed with advertisements. Aircraft offer various advertising options like In flight Pick Them Cards, Cabin Bulkhead Promotions, In-flight Magazine Promotions, Paper Cup Print Branding, Boarding-pass Promotions, In-Flight Product Sampling or Brochure Distribution, Seatback Advertisement, etc. Each ad option is more enticing than the other for a captive audience. Advertisements within aircraft are known to give better results as they are presented to captive audiences with very few distractions. This aids in better reception of ads and brand recognition at later stages.

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Indigo Airlines

IndiGo Airlines is the largest airlines in India in terms of passengers. It has 36.8% of the passenger market share. IndiGo operates 67 .... ....

Go Air

Launched by the Wadia Group, Go Air is the highest on time low air fare carrier. Their main objective is to commoditize air trave .... ....

Jet Airways

Jet Airways began operations in 1993. Today, it is the second largest airlines in India with 21.2% of the passenger market share. Jet .... ....

Spice Jet

SpiceJet is the 4th largest airlines in India. It commands a market share of 13.1% in terms of passengers. The airline operates 290+ da .... ....


Advertisements on airlines are immensely successful as they target captive audiences from affluent and upper-middle-class backgrounds with high disposable incomes. Moreover, people come to associate the brand advertised with the whole travelling in an aircraft experience. And this boosts brand recognition and recall. But, this emotional association is double edged sword which may harm the brand if not associated with the right partner. Advertisers should take great care in choosing their brand message carrier to the airborne Indians.

Advertise with Airlines because

  • Passengers are captive audiences who are more receptive towards your ads
  • Airlines provide ample ‘hard-to-miss’ advertising opportunities.
  • Advertisements are directed towards specific socio-economic groups travelling on the aircraft.
  • Ads on airlines reach target audiences easily reducing ad spillage.

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