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    Innovative Ad Formats

    Choose from over hundreds of innovative ad formats ranging from billboards to coasters to grab your customer attention.

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    Targeted Advertising

    Target your desired audience with the help of our consolidated data of various audience types and their frequent visiting arenas.

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    Exclusive Ad Spaces

    We have exclusive rights to most of the ambient media properties like gyms,salons,retail stores,pharmacies and more.

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    Consistent Monitoring

    Be assured as we monitor your ads round the clock sending you date and time stamped transcripts of each day of the campaign.

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Advertise in Indira Gandhi International Airport for maximum outreach!

  • by
  • Tue, 23 Aug

Indira Gandhi International Airport , which is named after the former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, is one of the oldest airports in the country. It is located around 16 km from the main city of New Delhi. In 2010, it was the largest aviation hub of India and South Asia. It services more than 46 […]

Grab Instant Attention of target groups with right ad placements!

  • by
  • Thu, 16 Jun

( A study on why Ambient Advertising is picking pace!) With the Indian economy bustling with jostling brands to mark their presence in the consumer’s mind, advertisements have become imperative to the success of the brands. Whether the advertisements appear as print ads or hoardings, TVCs or radio jingles, they exist only to inform and […]

What Is Ambient Advertising?

  • by
  • Wed, 15 Jun

According to a recent estimate an average person gets exposed to 125 to 900 advertisements per day. Let’s think about an individual’s daily routine. She wakes up in the morning, probably checks her smartphone for social media updates and glances through her email, takes a shower, gets ready and while grabbing breakfast switches on the […]

Ambient Media Advertising: A Rising Trend

  • by
  • Thu, 12 May

Have you felt drawn to the huge structure at the mall atrium? Did you find something at a restaurant that has made you pause and think? Have you thought and talked about unique hoarding on the main street for a long time? If yes, then, congratulations my friend you have been ensnared by an ambient […]

Advertise in Indira Gandhi International Airport for maximum outreach!

Tue, 23 Aug

Grab Instant Attention of target groups with right ad placements!

Thu, 16 Jun

What Is Ambient Advertising?

Wed, 15 Jun

Ambient Media Advertising: A Rising Trend

Thu, 12 May